eJump EPD Controller

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The eJump EPD controllers are designed for easy control of large format E Ink e-paper displays with diagonals ranging from 9.7" to 42" with communication being done via generic USB interface.

A C/C++ and Python interface for Windows and Linux is available, as well as some example programs (written in C++ for the Raspberry Pi, preferably a model 4). The latter are available for download on the respective product pages. Programs for Python can also be provided if requested.

The new API 2.0 supports the boards EJ1000, EJ8951E-2, EJ8951E-4EJ8951E-1 and EJ8951EL-1W-50, is backward compatible to API 1.0, and contains among others the following functions:

  • Querying panel information
  • Loading image data onto the T-CON board
  • Displaying images on the e-paper display
  • Setting VCOM and the board id
  • Updating firmware / waveform

The following C++ demo programs are provided by Beck:

  • ejump_usb: For displaying images on the e-paper display
  • ejump_vcom: For setting the VCOM voltage
  • ejump_waveform: For flashing a waveform

For more information, please refer to "Application Note for Setting Up a Raspberry Pi" in the download section of the respective product.

Type Input Signal Output Signal Resolution max. (X*Y) Voltage (V) Outline (H*V, mm) E-Paper Remark Image  Product Specification  Brief Technical Specification
EJ8951E-1 USB TTL 1600 * 1200 5V 180 * 45 EL133US1/Red-Black-White,
API 2.0, R/B/W support View picture Download Download
EJ8951EL-1W-50 USB TTL 2400 * 1034 5V 180 * 45 ED113TC2 API 2.0 View picture Download
EJ1000 USB Mini-LVDS 3840*1080 12.0 400*65 ED280TT1,
API 2.0 View picture Download
EJ8951E-2 USB 2xTTL 2880*2160 12.0 400*65 ED420TT5, ED420TT3,
API 2.0 View picture Download
EJ8951E-4 USB 4xTTL 2880*2160 12.0 400*65 EC312TT2,
API 2.0 View picture Download