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Leshan Radio Co. Ltd.

Leshan Radio Company (LRC) was founded in 1971 in the city of Leshan, south of Chengdu in China‘s Sichuan province. In 1995, LRC and Motorola (now OnSemi) formed a joint venture called Leshan Phoenix Semiconductor (LPS) to manufacture small signal diodes in the city of Leshan. In 2011, LRC followed up with an expansion of its own production capacity by establishing a new plant: Chengdu Advanced Power Semiconductor (APS). Consequently, LRC reaches a total production capacity of >1 billion small signal diodes per week; this helped LRC enter the world TOP ranking in terms of production capacity.

LRC offers all required certifications such as ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 for a wide range of products meeting international requirements for the automotive market (AEC-Q101). This powerful partner of BECK is continuously working to expand its portfolio of power semiconductors, MOSFETs and ICs.

LRC's Switching Diode portfolio ranges from 35 V to 350 V in a variety of Packages suitable for  Applications such as Switching mode power supply (SMPS), Adapters, Lighting application, On-board DC/DC converter etc. Developers can choose from a wide range of devices in terms of packages, forward voltage drop (VF) and leakage current (IR) as well as other characteristics.

Product overview of Switching Diodes of our partner Leshan Radio Co. Ltd. (LRC)


Schottky Diode

Shottky diodes are unipolar devices that have gained an increased importance in the medium power range, suitable for high switching frequency applications, for example as freewheeling diodes for MOSFETs.

LRC's Schottky diodes range from 8V to 200 V  and from 0.03 A to 20 A. AEC-Q available.

Product overview of Schottky Diodes of our partner Leshan Radio Co. Ltd. (LRC)


Rectifier & Bridge Rectifier

A Bridge rectifier is a type of full wave rectifier which uses four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration to efficiently convert AC current into DC current.

LRC provides  bridge rectifier up to 1600V in a variety of packages with high surge current capability. The 1600V bridge rectifier are in DSP package. 

LRC provides over 600 kinds of Rectifiers from 50V to 1200V Maximum Peak Reverse Voltage and allow max. 8A average forward rectified current.

Product overview of Rectifiers of our partner Leshan Radio Co. Ltd. (LRC)

Product overview of Bridge Rectifiers of our partner Leshan Radio Co. Ltd. (LRC)