Lextar UVC LED


Lextar is a Taiwanese company dedicated to the production of various products in the field of LED technology. The company was founded in 2008 within the group of companies around the display giant AUO with the aim of supplying the parent company with LEDs for its display backlighting on the one hand and establishing itself as a manufacturer in the technically demanding LED lighting market on the other hand with the acquired experience and production know-how.

A key unique selling point is that Lextar is one of the few fully vertically integrated LED manufacturers, meaning that everything from LED chips and packaging to module assembly is carried out in-house. In addition, the company has a strong focus on research and development.

With long-standing patent leadership in Taiwan and over 2,300 patents worldwide, Lextar offers outstanding technology solutions and services to meet all current market demands.


Package (mm) Product Wavelenght Bin Min. Peak Wavelenght (nm) Max. Peak Wavelenght (nm) Typ. If (A) Max. If (A) Vf (V, typ.) Typ. Optical Power (mW) Min. Optical Power (mW) Max. Optical Power (mW) Viewing Angle (°) Dimensions (mm)  Product Specification  Brief Technical Specification
3535 PU88S31 V0 U0270 270 280 0.02 0.03 5.20 3.5 1.5 6.0 140 3.50*3.50 Download Download
3535 PU88S31 V0 U0280 280 290 0.02 0.03 5.20 3.5 1.5 6.0 140 3.50*3.50 Download Download
3535 PU35CL1 V0 Preliminary 278 270 285 0.02 0.03 6.00 2.4 1.8 2.7 125 3.50*3.50 Download Download
3535 PU35CM1 V0 Preliminary 270 278 283 0.10 TBD 5.70 15.0 10.0 25.0 125 3.50*3.50 Download Download