Sharp Sensors


Proximity Sensors

A proximity sensor contains an Infrared emitter (short IR, usually 850nm or 940nm), a receiver as well as the control logic. The function principle is simple: The emitter transmits IR light. Approaching objects are reflecting the IR light back towards the receiver which forwards the signal to the control logic, which by then detects the presence of the object. Typical applications are hand dryers or automatic water faucets.

Detecting Distance L (mm), min. Detecting Distance L (mm), max. Product Dissipation current ICC (µA) typ. Power Supply Voltage VCC (V) Operating Temperature Range Response time tPHL, tPLX (ms), max. Design
25 150 GP2AP002S30F 240 -0.3 ~ 3.8 -25 ~ +85 °C 50 Standard Download
25 150 GP2AP002A00F 270 2.4 ~ 3.6 -25 ~ +85 °C With integrated ambient light sensor Download
58 142 GP2AP030A00F 65 -0.3 ~ 5.7 -35 ~ +85 °C With integrated ambient light sensor Download


  • Compact and thin package
  • I2C interface compatible
  • Integrated ambient light sensor
  • LED and ambient light sensor combined in a signal package
  • Built-in LED for simple optical design


  • Touch panel false-operation countermeasures
  • Touch panel energy-saving features
  • Function automation features
  • Backlight brightness control function
  • Mobile phone, Smartphone, Tablet
  • Digital single-lens reflex camera
  • etc.