TechShine Monochrome LCD

TechShine Electronics

TechShine Electronics is a professional LCD manufacturer focusing on passive LCD panels and TFT modules as well as complete functional units according to customer specifications. Currently 2 lines for STN display production, 8 fully automatic lines for LCD module production and 4 fully automatic lines for TFT module production as well as PCB production are operated.

TechShine is able to offer a complete solution for small and medium-sized LCD displays. TechShine sees itself as a pure OEM manufacturer. All products are customized or partially customized.

Available technologies:

TN: Twisted Nematic / HTN: High Twitsted Nematic

  • Max 1/16 duty
  • Operating temp.: -40 ~ 100℃
  • Min driving voltage: 2.6 V
  • In-cell touch button solution

STN: Super Twisted Technology

  • Max1/240 duty; (COB)
  • Max1/160 duty; (COG)
  • Min.10 μm dot-gap
  • Operating temp.: -40 ~ 90℃
  • Low consumption solutionis
  • All kinds of display mode
    • FSTN: Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic
    • DFSTN: Double Layer Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic
    • STN: Super Twisted Nematic, transmissive negative, transmissive positive, transflective negative, transflective positive, Blue or Y-G

VATN: Vertical Alignment Twisted Nematic

  • Segment type: 1/8 duty MAX
  • Dots  matrix 1/64 duty MAX
  • Ultra high contrast (>500:1)
  • Operating temp.: -40 ~ 90 ℃
  • Full view options  available, display mode usually transmissive negative, transmissive positive as option

All technologies are available as Segment Panel and Module, as Character Module and as Dot-Matrix Panel and Module.