Luminus UVC LED


Luminus was founded in 2002 from M.I.T. and a Silicon Valley start-up to commercialize researched technologies from the specialty lighting sector. Subsequently, with COBs and mid-power LEDs, the range of applications also expanded to the area of general lighting and Luminus was acquired by the world‘s largest manufacturer of LED chips, the Chinese company San‘an, due to its high technical competence.

Luminus is now a full subsidiary of the San‘an Group since 2015 and thus benefits from enormous production capacities, an excellent network of sister companies and has become one of the major global players in recent years as a result.

Luminus‘ core competencies are specialty lighting products, especially in the UV and infrared range, COBs for a variety of applications and a strong portfolio of mid-power LEDs. In doing so, Luminus always pursues the goal of improving energy efficiency, light output and light quality in order to meet the increasing market requirements.


Package (mm) Product Wavelenght Bin Min. Peak Wavelenght (nm) Max. Peak Wavelenght (nm) Typ. If (A) Max. If (A) Vf (V, typ.) Typ. Optical Power (mW) Min. Optical Power (mW) Max. Optical Power (mW) Viewing Angle (°) Dimensions (mm)  Product Specification  Brief Technical Specification
1313 XBT-1313-UV 280 280 286 0.02 0.04 5.20 2.6 1.0 2.0 120 1.30*1.30 Download Download
3535 XST-3535-UV 275 275 286 0.35 0.50 6.45 45.0 35.0 45.0 60 3.50*3.50 Download Download
5050 XFM-5050-UV Preliminary 275 275 286 0.35 1.00 19.50 135.0 120.0 140.0 130 5.00*5.00 Download Download