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DCMR-62 TFT Controller

Experience live it at the "embedded world 2020" in Nuremberg from February 25-27

Beside LVDS and V-by-One, embedded DisplayPort (eDP) is a common display-interface. Due to higher data rates (up to 5.4 Gbit/s) and the combination of the usually separated interfaces for video- and backlight-signal transmission, it is possible to drive eDP-displays with a single cable. The standardized connector,...

[Translate to English:] UVC LED Luminus Lextar

Thanks to research and development, new wavelength ranges in LED technology have been opened up and are now ready for mass production

Our partners Luminus and Lextar have launched new LEDs emitting radiation in a wavelengthrange of 270nm-290nm. This wavelength range is referred to as UVC radiation. It is not visible and with an even shorter wavelength than UVA and UVB radiation. The special...

Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg

If an E-Paper Technology is a new term for you, take your time to experience these unique products live.

  • Full-color displays
  • Displays for digital notepads

Full-color displays

The first full-color 13.3" display based on E Ink’s ACeP™ technology is shortly before the series production. The display with extended color gamut is constructed in such a way that all necessary color pigments are...

Luminus SST IR LED

40° to 130° viewing angle options for various applications

Beck Elektronik extends its product portfolio with eleven new high power infrared (IR) LEDs from Luminus in many different variations and opens the door for various application fields like automotive, sensing, biometric identification, consumer, machine vision, medical and security.

The new IR-LEDs are, in addition to the...

Visit us at embedded world 2020

It’s such a great time again: The embedded world Exhibition & Conference in Nuremberg takes place from 25-27 February!

Meet us in Hall 1 at Booth 138. We're looking forward to your visit!

High Power Ceramic Cased Resistors: BGRV, BSRV, BWRV Series

Automotive Grade Pre-Charge / Discharge Resistors
High Power Ceramic Cased Resistors

BGRV wirewound resistors – designed to withstand the high inrush currents present in Electric Vehicle pre-charge circuits.
BWRV wirewound resistors – features lower resistance values as well as improved T.C.R. and tight resistance tolerances.
BSRV metal oxide resistors – designed for the capacitor discharge...