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EPD Produkte und Zubehör

The wide range of sizes, starting from 1.1" up to the biggest one 42.0" e-paper displays, is available from stock or upon request.

Round form, flexible substrate, color versions are the variations, which are to find on our web page to meet all your expectations.

To facilitate your start into the e-paper technology we offer a range of driving kits to load your content to the display quickly.


E-Paper Display Eink

Round LCDs, TFTs, OLEDs are successfully integrated in dozen of applications. The most popular applications are wearables, smart watches, smart buttons and labels.

Normally a continuous power supply is not used in such cases and the system operates by solar energy or battery as a power source. It means the design has to be low-power and effective. The e-paper displays are the best choice for such...

EPD-Glas Bonding Methode PiOptix

Modern technologies are streaming in our everyday life.

Displays are everywhere: outdoor signage, advertising in buses, info screens in the customer offices.

The application dictates its terms: which materials, housing and kind of assembly to use. The protection glasses, touch screens and UV-shields are coming on the stage. There are many possibilities how to bring the additional layers to the...

HDMI Display Ampire

A flat and easy plug-and-play solution for everyone who is looking for quick design and integration without complications.

Ampire presents a new range of products: the TFT displays with integrated driving board.

The input interface is HDMI 1.4a. It is perfect for developments on the base of single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. The power supply is 12V/2A over standard power jack...

TN / HTN Technology

- Max 1/16 Duty
 – Operating temp.: -40 ~ +100 °C
 – Min driving voltage : 2.6 V
 – in-cell touch button solution

TN technology,it is short for Twisted Nematic technology. Normally, the liquid crystal molecule is twisted at 90 degrees.

Comparing to other LCD panel technologies, TN type has the merit of lower cost and quick response time, which is mostly used for customized...

EPD E Ink Display large

The biggest currently available electronic paper display has a size of 42”. It is bigger than A1 format!

Remember, how you, as a school pupil, prepared your presentations in class? Paper size A1, pencils, ruler and your creativity to design the best poster. Can you imagine that the modern pupils can use an electronic paper in such cases?

ED420TT1 is a reflective electrophoretic E Ink technology...