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New Snap-In series: UE, UA, UM, UH, UG und UF

Long lifetime, high ripple current and high voltage

Beck GmbH & Co. Elektronik Bauelemente KG
has added a new, strong partner to its portfolio with the Taiwanese aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer CapXon Technology Limited

We are pleased to present the new additions to our outstanding product series from the CapXon portfolio. The new Snap-In series (UE, UA, UM, UH, UG and UF) stand…

Full-color LED display module

The technological development of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) has revolutionized the display market. Yenrich Technology Corporation (Yenrich) presents its latest product, a full-color LED display module with a pixel pitch of less than 1mm, which sets new standards in display technology. The modular design of this display offers versatile application possibilities, from small handheld devices to…

BECK at the PCIM Europe 2024 Nuremberg

From June 11 to 13, 2024, we had the pleasure of presenting our latest products and solutions at PCIM Europe, one of the leading international trade fairs for power electronics, intelligent drive technology and renewable energy systems, including our high-performance DC-Link Film Capacitor, Snap-in Capacitor, Power Inductor, Discrete Power Semiconductor, Power Semiconductor Modules, Power Relay,…

MOSFETs in the TOLL package

Beck Elektronik presents the latest innovation from JSCJ

We are pleased to present an exciting innovation from the product portfolio of our partner JSCJ: MOSFETs in the TOLL Package.

These MOSFETs offer a number of impressive features that make them an indispensable part of modern circuit designs. Their excellent heat dissipation and exceptionally high current capability ensure that even the…

Black printed cover glass with PCAP film

Flexibility and adaptability

The use of touchscreen technologies has developed rapidly in various application areas, from portable devices to interactive displays. AMT, a leading manufacturer of touchscreen solutions, offers a diverse range of PCAP variants to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. With screen sizes ranging from 5.7" to 32", these variants offer flexibility and…

CviLux Connector

CviLux presents connectors for high voltage and high currents in a solid design.

The CPF1, CPF2 and CPF3 types of the V-Conn series can be used for "energy storage", i.e. regenerative power plants, traditional power generation, large and small networks and associated sub-distributors. The connector can also be used in transportation, consumer goods and building technology.

The plug connectors…