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Dear business partners,

Corona and its effects continue to keep the world in suspense.
Extensive material shortages have been clearly noticeable in all industries for some time.
In the field of electronic components and displays, too, we are feeling the consequences in the form of rising prices and production times, as well as sometimes long-term delivery deadlines.

According to the unanimous…

Distributor – 2021

The results of the readers’ choice for Distributor of the Year Award 2021 of the »Elektronik» magazine have been published.

We are proud to announce that we won 2nd place overall as Special distributor for connection technology, passive components, electro mechanics and power supplies.

2 × 1st Place
We were awarded for our »Product Availability« and our »Technical Competence & Support« each with…

SG73P Series – Space Saving Anti Pulse Chip Resistors

SG73P: Power Pulse Tolerant Chip Resistors

The SG73P series has approx. 7 times pulse handling capability compared to standard flat chip resistors. Due to the special resistance trimming it also allows a higher continuous power rating. This means that existing designs can be "powered up": An SG73P device can be dropped onto the pads of a similar sized conventional part, thus increasing the power…

Wide-angle IR LED

Beck Elektronik extends its product portfolio with the new wide-angle infrared LEDs of the PR35V- series from Lextar.

They offer an asymmetric viewing angle of 130° × 80° by using a secondary optic which helps to achieve better illumination making it the perfect solution for surveillance and vision systems.

Besides the bright and uniform illumination another benefit is that just a very small…

Mitsubishi Panel Replacement

We are ready to replace Mitsubishi panels from 7“ to 10.4“with new displays from Hannstar with 8.4” and Ampire with 7” and 10.4”. These displays are designed as a drop-in replacement.

These are the key features of the replacement panels:

  • super high brightness (up to 1200 cd/m²)
  • high contrast ratios up to 1400:1
  • super-wide viewing architecture (over 170 degrees)
  • wide operating temperature…

A strong partnership

Since January 2013, Lextar and BECK have enjoyed an 8-year business relationship, with the aim of working together to secure a competitive advantage for our customers in the rapidly growing LED market in Central Europe through the latest technologies and best products. While Lextar provides product support and technical know-how, BECK contributes as a local contact through…