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SiC MOSFETs from Leapers

The E0 series (Fig#1) and E2 series (Fig#2) of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET power semiconductor modules from Japan and China-based manufacturer Wuxi Leapers Semiconductor Co, Ltd – "Leapers" for short – are ideally suited for use in the following application areas: Renewable energy, air compressors, industrial frequency converters and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

The E0 series

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Originally known as a monochrome black-and-white e-paper display, digital paper technology has evolved greatly in recent years. The e-paper displays became full-color and can be used in diverse fields thanks to unique features and different sizes.

E-book readers, electronic name and price tags, writable tablets, menus in restaurants, display boards in offices or hospitals, traffic information at…

Our long-term partner Winstar Display Co. Ltd. celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

The company develops industrial LCD and TFT displays, OLED displays and System Integrated Solutions. BECK and Winstar started their cooperation more than 10 years ago. Fast response time, accountability, flexibility and high commitment to meet customer's expectations are the working style of this company.…

Merry Christmas 2023

2023 as a successful but also turbulent business year is drawing to close and we are looking forward to getting back to normal after almost three challenging years of the pandemic.

In November, we once again participated in the world's largest trade fair "Electronica" in Munich where we were able to welcome you – dear customers, suppliers and busi-ness partners – in person, meet you again and get…

MIPI Display

In the modern world of high speeds interfaces and continuous new developments, the technical solutions are focused on the high performance, low power, and low electromagnetic interference (EMI).

New requirements lead to the new developments and interfaces. MIPI Display Serial Interface (MIPI DSI®) became one of the most requested interfaces in the last time period. Its algorithm of the data…

electronica 2022 – at our booth

From November 15-18, after the Corona break, we were finally able to welcome you back live in Munich at electronica.

It was a great pleasure for us to see long-time customers, business partners and friends again and to exchange ideas with you in a relaxed atmosphere at our booth. But also first-time contacts could be made and new promising business relations could be established.

electronica 2022

We are pleased to invite you to electronica 2022 in Munich this year from November 15-18!

Full color LED display modules – LED Matrix

Mini RGB LED Packages on a PCB

Full color LED display modules from Yenrich Technology Corporation (Yenrich), part of the Ennostar Group, are a matrix of individual 4in1 mini RGB LED packages on a specially designed PCB.

The product, named IF09HP0.0, is an LED matrix with 160x180 pixels and a pixel pitch of < 1mm (Figure 1).

Full Color LED-Display Module

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been known for a long time and have made a grandiose triumphant march through the lighting industry, automotive industry and consumer products. LEDs can be found in all areas of everyday life and another stage for LEDs is display technology.

LEDs have been used for some time for backlighting TFT displays. As a standard design, side-mounted LEDs radiate light into…

Power MOSFETs in PDFN*5x6 package

We offer a variety of high performance, efficient power MOSFETs in PDFN*5x6 (Power Dual Flat No-Lead) package with an edge dimension of 5mm × 6mm!

In this package MOSFETs with a drain-source-voltage VDS  of up to 600V or a drain-current ID of up to 200A are available! All components have a drain-source-resistance RDS(on) as small as possible to reduce switching losses to a minimum. Together with…