Customized BCM Module

Open frame displays with its in-house developments under its own brand BECK Compact Module (BCM) and production in Germany exist in Beck since 2004.

Suppliers of kiosk systems, machine controls and similar industrial electronics goods often struggle with short product life cycles and frequent model changes for display units. To counteract this, BECK has set itself the goal of consistently following its product philosophy and offering its open frame displays with consistent mechanical and electrical specifications over as long a period as possible. It affects the customized BCM products as well.

Due to changes in the market, the BCM modules are continuously developing. The RGB/DVI solutions are extended by the HDMI and DP interfaces. The resistive and capacitive touch controllers support USB communication. Following the customers' demand a big part of the standard products has got wide viewing angles and high brightness features.

Taking into account all implemented changes the main mechanical and electrical specifications stay stable according to the main product line idea. It facilitates the integration and replacement of the BCM modules over the whole product lifetime and in case of changes or upgrades on the customer’s side.

Due to its in-house know-how, BECK is able to flexibly respond to special requests or customer specific solutions.