Customized Display Controller

The variety of displays set the task to offer matching driving solutions for each module, if it is LVDS or eDP display. Having a whole product range of standard boards to manage the displays, there are always some functions beyond to implement.

According to the customer’s wishes the boards are designed on the base of Realtek ICs and can support the communication interfaces RGBDVIHDMIDP. The boards generate the backlight management signals, can include I2C bus for special extensions like ambient light sensor or can support audio channel.

Otherwise, the development of solutions beyond the typical driving of the display is possible: LED driver circuit, LVDS splitter, boost converter, OSD board.

The design can be developed with a focus on any critical parameter: low-cost solution, special form factor, matching for several different displays, extended input voltage range, or strict EMV conditions.

The design team in-house works in cooperation with the customers on each stage of the development, confirming the important steps and giving feedback on the state of the project.