The displays surround us everywhere: indoors and outdoors. Each application needs a special design, housing, and unique technical solution. Often the display should be protected by glass due to its application field.

Different display technologies can be bonded, TFT, OLED or e-Paper displays. As well as various materials can be used for the cover lens: glass, acryl.

In the case of using reflective technologies, the integration of the front light can be required. This is possible by including a light guide foil and LED bar behind the cover glass.

The touch function of the display is a common feature nowadays. Touch sensor can be laminated and protected by a cover lens with different glass thicknesses, depending on the application and security level.

Determined by the needs the components can be laminated with an air gap or optically according to dry or liquid technology of bonding (OCA and OCR). The components can be laminated in several layers, and include various foils to provide view protection, antireflection or UV filter.