BASiC High Power Discretes

Hybrid / Schottky / MOSFET

BASiC Semiconductor

BASiC Semiconductor Ltd (BASiC) is an innovative Chinese company headquartered in Shenzhen. BASiC was founded in 2016 as a highly specialized company focusing on the development, design and production of SiC power semiconductors and the associated gate driver ICs. In the course of the company's further development, additional development centers were established in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Japan (Nagoya) in addition to the two production sites in Shenzhen and Wuxi. A key special feature of BASiC is that the chips for the discrete SiC power semiconductors come from the company's own 6” SiC wafer production – BASiC is therefore not dependent on external chip manufacturers and can act independently and flexibly. 

Since mid-2023, BECK and BASiC have been pursuing the common goal of offering our customers a stable and reliable alternative source for SiC power semiconductors, thus securing the supply situation and exploiting further growth potential.