JSCJ Transistors

Bipolar / Darlington / MOSFET


The abbreviation JSCJ stands for Jiangsu Changjing Electronics Co. Ltd., a strongly emerging young company located in the city of Nanjing in Jiangsu province, China. JSCJ is the offspring of JCET, one of TOP3 of World’s biggest OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly & Test) companies and dedicated (with this powerful background) to become one of the leading players in its market for semiconductor products.

JSCJ is offering a huge variety of products to address markets in the Industry, Consumer and Whitegoods sector and is furthermore continuously advancing into Automotive applications is focusing diodes, transistors, frequency devices (Crystal and Oscillator) and ICs with an ever-growing product portfolio. JCET, not only serves its own brand “JSCJ” but also many international semiconductors companies as ODM partner, has industry leading quality standards and carries certificates like ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and IATF16949.

JSCJ and BECK ELEKTRONIK cooperate from the very early stage of the founding of the brand “JSCJ” in 2019.


Bipolar Junction Transistors / BJT

A Bipolar Junction transistor has either a npn-structure or a pnp-structure and therefore comprises two subsequent pn-junctions. The currents are combined negatively charged electrons and positively charged holes as charge carriers. Bipolar junction transistors are usually used in two different types of applications: switching and amplification.

JSCJ has a broad portfolio of transistors for several different purposes and applications. Highlights are a low VSAT and the full range of digital transistors.

Overview of JSCJ's Transistor Product Portfolio


Darlington Transistor

A Darlington Transistor consists of two single transistors, that are working closely toegether to amplify the current. Use cases are the amplification of analog signals and other applications, where a high current gain is necessary.

JSCJ has a wide range of Darlington Transistors with VCEO ranging from 30V up to 100V and a collector current IC ranging from 0,3A up to 10A.

Overview of JSCJ's Darlington Transistor Product Portfolio


Small Signal Mosfet & Power Mosfet

A MOSFET (Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor) is a type of insulated-gate field-effect transistor which is widely used for switching and amplifying signals with the capability to work up to a few hundred KHz.

JSCJ's MOSFET portfolio offers a range of breakdown voltages from –100V to 800V combined with state-of-the art packaging. They aim for the consumer market for applications like wireless charger, motor drivers, security equipment, Li-Ion battery protection etc.

Overview of JSCJ's MOSFET Product Portfolio

JSCJ’s has released a CSP (chip scale packaging) Power Mosfet CJ6207SP:

The CJ6207SP uses advanced trench technology to provide excellent RSS(ON) (common Drain topology) , low gate charge and operation with gate voltages as low as 2.5 V while retaining an 8 V VGS(MAX) rating. It is ESD protected. This device is suitable for use as a unidirectional or bi-directional load switch, facilitated by its common-drain configuration. The very tiny package CSP targets for space limited applications like wearables and cell phones.