15.6" FullHD TFT with On-Cell PCAP-Touch (AUO)


The G156HAB01.V0 is a new technology highlight of the leading Taiwanese display manufacturer AU Optronics Cooperation (AUO). The special feature of this product is the integration of the "projected capacitive touch panel" (PCAP) on the display cell below the polarizer – this new structure is called On-Cell Touch.

In contrast to the typical application of a PCAP touch, where the touch must be glued to the display or behind the front cover glass, there are numerous advantages for your project.

This compact design and the standardized size allows an easy integration into your product concept.
The G156HAB01.V0 has been designed by AUO with a black printed front cover glass and rounded corners.

From a quality point of view, the integration of the touch on the display cell speaks for itself: the application of the touch is an additional, sensitive work step that is no longer necessary. This reduces the potential for errors and you as the customer can shorten your development time and time-to-market. An additional advantage is that the entire product comes from AUO.

The reduced production effort due to the integration of the touch into the AUO display leads to a powerful combination of both components. The result is a strong price efficiency of the product, stronger than the individual components.

Technical Facts Display
Size 15.6 inch
Technology AHVA, normally black
Resolution (H*V) 1920 × 1080
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Viewing angle (3/6/9/12 o'clock) 85 / 85 / 85 / 85
Interface eDP1.2
Power Supply (Vcc) 3.3 V
Temperature 0 up to 50 °C
Outline (H*V*D) 350.66 × 216.15 × 3.40 mm
Technical Facts Touch
Cover Glass: 1.1mm Soda-Lime
Surface Hardness 7H
Outline (HxV) 361 × 227 mm
Structure On-Cell
Touch Controller EETI 3200
Interface USB
Multi Touch 10 points
OS Support Win 7, Win 8, Win 10


BECK Elektronik Display (BED) offers the by Beck newly developped DCMR 62 to drive the G156HAB01.V0 with the interfaces Display Port (DP) to embedded Display Port (eDP).

The Touch is connected to the input device via USB and offers with the DCMR 62 a Plug'n'Play solution!

We are pleased to present you this extraordinary On-Cell Touch Display from AUO!

Ask your BECK contact today or use the contact form on our homepage to get in touch with us. Check the availability of samples of the G156HAB01.V0 and experience the advantages of our new technology highlight!