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Company PANJIT International Inc. was founded in 1986 in Kaohsiung Taiwan. PANJIT is employing approximately 3.000 people worldwide in their production sites and offices in Asia, Europe and the USA. With one Front-End factory in Taiwan and two Back-End factories in both, Taiwan and mainland China, Panjit is targeting the market segments like Automotive -, Industry-, Power- and Consumer-Applications.

It’s well assorted product spectrum stretches over various kinds of Diodes, MOSFETs, Bipolar Transistors and Protection devices and has some specialties like SiC Schottky Diodes (SiC = Siliciumcarbid). PANJIT is decorated with industry’s well known and required certificates like ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and IATF16949.

PANJIT and BECK ELEKTRONIK have formed a long and dedicated partnership for more than 15 years.

Panjit's Small Signal Switching Diodes has super fast TRR and low CJ characteristic, which is suitable to be used on rectification circuit of the signal.

Product overview of Small Signal Switching Diodes of our partner PANJIT International Inc.


Schottky Diode

Schottky diodes are unipolar devices that have gained an increased importance in the medium power range, suitable for high switching frequency applications, for example as freewheeling diodes for MOSFETs.

Panjit's Schottky Diodes provide low forward voltage losses which can improve the power efficiency and low leakage current to improve the stability of the reliability. 

  • Panjit's Power Schottky: Schottky Rectifier with rating 1A and higher, which is used in switching rectification application in power products. High type Schottky provides low IR and provides extremely low reverse current, low power dissipation and can sustain higher voltage which prevents the thermal runaway problem during high operating temperature.
    Product overview of Power Schottky of our partner PANJIT International Inc.


Rectifier & Bridge Rectifier

A Bridge rectifier is a type of full wave rectifier which uses four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration to efficiently convert AC current into DC current.

PANJIT provides various type of Rectifer including General PurposeFast recovery, Ultra Fast recovery and Super Fast Recovery Rectifer.