Panjit Transistors

Bipolar / MOSFET


Das Unternehmen PANJIT International Inc. wurde 1986 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan gegründet. Panjit beschäftigen weltweit rund 3.000 Mitarbeiter an Produktionsstandorten und in Büros in Asien, Europa und den USA. Mit einer Front-End-Fabrik in Taiwan und zwei Back-End-Fabriken in Taiwan und auf dem chinesischen Festland zielt Panjit auf die Marktsegmente Automobil-, Industrie-, Energie- und Konsumanwendungen ab.

Das gut sortierte Produktspektrum erstreckt sich über verschiedene Arten von Dioden, MOSFETs, Bipolartransistoren und Schutzelementen und weist einige spezielle Technologien wie zum Beispiel SiC-Schottky-Dioden (SiC = Siliciumcarbid) auf. Panjit ist mit Branchen weit bekannten und erforderlichen Zertifikaten wie ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 und IATF16949 ausgestattet. Panjit und BECK ELEKTRONIK bilden seit mehr als 15 Jahren eine lange und engagierte Partnerschaft.


Bipolar Junction Transistors / BJT

Bipolar transistor has an npn-structure or pnp-structure therefore comprises two subsequent pn-junctions. It have both electrons and holes as charge carriers. Bipolar junction transistors are usually used in 2 diffirent types of applications: Switching and Amplification.


Small Signal Mosfet & Power Mosfet

Metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) is a type of insulated-gate field-effect transistor, which is widely used for switching and amplifying signals with capability to work up to a few hundred KHz.

Small Signal MOSFET helps reduce the size of electronic devices, suitable for driving circuits and Signal circuit switches, and miniaturized packages are suitable for highly integrated PC boards.

PANJIT develops a series of low-voltage MOSFET products in different packages; BVDSS 20 – 50V is suitable for notebook, tablet PCs, motherboards and other 3C products; by combining the Trench structure wafer and packaging technology, our product can provide low on-resistance and improve product performance.

PANJIT's Medium Voltage MOSFET has BVDSS 60V – 200V and uses Trench technology to improve the product characteristic; the Medium Voltage MOSFET is often used for synchronous rectification circuit and mainly used in consumer electronic products such as power supplies, telecommunications power systems.

PANJIT's Power MOSFET with BVDSS 400 – 1000V can be used for AC-DC power supply in chargers, home appliances, industrial equipment and a variety of LED lighting equipment; in addition, to ensure the product performance, PANJIT has 100% tested Avalanche Energy.

Super Junction MOSFET is for high-density power supply and inverter motor applications. Panjit offers Low on resistance and Low EMI products.

Product overview of MOSFETs of our partner PANJIT International Inc.