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New High Temperature Anti-Pulse Chip Resistors for Automotive from KOA

  • 200°C Operating Anti-Pulse Chip Resistors
  • Power Pulse Tolerant Chip Resistors


  • High performance above +155 °C
  • Outstanding pulse performance, high power
  • 270 W for 10 μs in size 1206
  • High component and equipment reliability 
  • 1 Ω ... 10 MΩ
  • 1 % or 5 %
  • Sn plated electrodes for solder mounting (+175 °C)
  • Au plated electrodes for conductive glue mounting (+200 °C)
  • AEC-Q200 tested

Application Examples:

  • Automotive: Power control unit, gear box electronics, engine sensors
  • Industrial: Power modules, high temperature electronics, power supplies

The HSG73P series has approx. 7 times pulse handling capability compared to standard flat chip resistors. Due to the special resistance trimming it also allows a higher continuous power rating. This means that existing designs can be ‘powered up’: An HSG73P device can be dropped onto the pads of a similar sized conventional part, thus increasing the power capability without changing the PCB layout.

HSG73P Series – 200°C Operating Anti-Pulse Chip Resistors
HSG73P Ratings