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Interview mit Alexander Beck von BECK ELEKTRONIK (Magazin "LICHT")

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Willkommen bei der BECK GmbH & Co. Elektronik Bauelemente KG

AVX's Range Extension for SMX Series High Temperature Stacked MLCC SMPS Rated at 200°C


AVX has extended its high temperature SMX Series stacked SMPS MLCCs with the addition of new 25V...

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AVX's New Interactive Connector Selector Guide


AVX releases a New Interactive Industrial Connector Selector Guide.

Featuring embedded...

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RKB Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with High temperature, High ripple and High-CV type


ELNA has expanded the product line for the miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors called "RKB...

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AVX's High Directivity 0302 Thin Film Coupler for WIFI Bands


This high directivity 0302 thin film couplers for WiFi bands are including the new, tight tolerance...

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RKE Miniature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with
high-vibration resistance


ELNA has expanded the product line for the miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors called "RKE...

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AVX's WiFi Coupler


The ITF High Directivity LGA Coupler is based on thin-film multilayer technology.

The technology...

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Development of Surface Mount Type (SMD) /
Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


 ELNA has recently developed "conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors",...

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AVX's New DC-Link Film Capacitor Series With Snap-In Terminals For Easy PCB Mounting


AVX Corporation has launched the new FRC Series medium power DC-link film capacitors, which feature...

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Discrete Devices - Diode Schottky Rectifiers


Trench Schottky Rectifiers has been extended andnow available in more packages covering the...

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1A, 20~150V Surface Mount Schottky Barrier Rectifier


A new series of Schottky barrier rectifier with a maximum average forward rectified current IF(AV)...

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Small SMPC 4.0 Package / Slim Surface Mount Trench Schottky Rectifier


TSC introduced a small SMPC 4.0 (TO-277B) package with a width of 4.0 mm and a low profile maximum...

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Trench Schottky Rectifiers


Several devices in Trench Schottky technology for a range of maximum repetitive peak reverse...

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TS4148 Switching Diode in most versatile Chip Package


  With the TS4148 switching diode family TSC offers an SMD ceramic package (0603, 0805,...

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N-Channel Super-Junction Power MOSFETs


Whilst high voltage Power MOSFETs using planar technology have reached Silicon limitations,...

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High Voltage NPN Power Transistors


High voltage fast-switching NPN power transistors with specifications of collector-base voltage...

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30V~100V N-Channel MOSFET


A new family of 30 V to 100 V N-Channel MOSFET in small PDFN56 package has been released.


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SHARP: Natural Toning LED vereint Lichtstärke- und Temperaturregelung


Sharp Devices Europe stellt eine neue Erweiterung der COB-Familie Zenigata vor: die Natural Toning...

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Lextar als Aussteller auf der Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2014


Von 27. bis 30. Oktober findet Asiens größtes jährliches Lighting Event statt, die Hong Kong...

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COB-LEDs: Beck Elektronik stärkt sich mit Lextar


Europa ist für Lextar Neuland —fur uns eine ideale Ausgangsposition.Mit dem neuen strategischen...

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Sharp erweitert die MegaZenigata-Familie mit neuer Hocheffizienz-Serie XFC

Neu im LED-Lighting Produktprogramm von Beck Elektronik ist die Hocheffizienz-Serie XFC von Sharp....

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Ultra-High-Definition-Displays von Innolux

Innolux bringt für die 4K2K Auflösungen eine neue Serie von Displays auf den Markt. Die Displays...

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Greatecs bietet innovative Lösungen im Bereich Elektromechanik


Kundenspezifisch - Customized

Individuelle Lösungen für Ihre Produkte.Ihre Vorteile: niedrige MOQs...

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SCHURTER: Fuse Inserter/Extractor with Cover Function for
10.3x38 mm Fuses in Clips


SCHURTER introduces a multi-functional fuse cover for use on printed circuit boards.

The ESO...

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AVX Introduces Single Pogo Pin Board-to-Board Contacts for High Lifecycle, Harsh Environment Applications


AVX Corporation has introduced a new series of single pogo pin board-to-board (BTB) contacts...

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Globtek: Power Supplies for Medical and ITE Equipment


Globtek introduces switching power supplies for ITE or medical applications as standard models, or...

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Mascot introduces New Range of Compact Power Supplies


Introducing a new family of compact AC/DC switch mode adapters and power supplies providing 15, 25,...

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Rugged Power System Serves Smart Washroom Applications


Addressing the increasing demand for automated washroom functionality driven by sensor-based...

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