Active Matrix E-Paper Display


ED057TC6 is a TFT active matrix electrophoretic display, with interface and a reference system design.
The 5.65" active area contains 600 × 448 pixels, and has 1-bit black/white with highlight red depending on the display controller and the associated waveform file used.
An integrated circuit contains gate buffer, source buffer, interface, timing control logic, oscillator, DC-DC, SRAM, LUT, VCOM, and border are supplied with each panel.


Size 5.65 inch
Resolution (H*V) 600 * 448
Active Area 114.90 * 85.80
Outline Dimensions 125.40 * 99.50
Dpi 128
E Ink Film Spectra Red
Refresh Time 17 s for Red (@ 25C)
Backplane Glass
Total Thickness 1.166 mm
Total Weight TBD
Grey Level 2
Front Light  - 
Surface Treatment Anti-glare / Hard Coat

Driving kits

Product Image Update Possibility Output Signal Resolution, max. Power Supply Outline Remark




600 * 448

5 V

110 * 65 mm

For demonstration goals