Active Matrix E-Paper Display


AC133UT1 is a reflective electrophoretic E Ink technology display module based on active matrix TFT substrate.

The first full-color 13.3“ display with extended color gamut (based on E Ink‘s ACeP™ technology) is constructed in such a way that all necessary color pigments are placed in the electrophoretic liquid in every single pixel of the display. The four basic colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and white) generate eight primary colors and allow production of over 32 000 colors.

The power consumption is still remaining extremely low, since the image buildup happens with the help of different voltages, which reorient the color pigments in the micro-capsules and then stay stable until the next image change.

The diagonal length of active area is 13.3” and contains 1600 × 1200 pixels. The recommended operating temperature should be kept from +15°C to +35°C.

Like its monochrome predecessor, the display has an 8-bit TTL interface. Since the algorithms of the color display are highly complex, a special EPD microcontroller is used to manage it. To facilitate an implementation of the display for users, E Ink has developed its own TCON driving board. The T1000 board is offered in combination with the display.


Size 13.3 inch
Resolution (HxV) 1600 * 1200
Active Area 270.40 * 202.80 mm
Outline Dimensions 285.80 * 213.65 mm
Dpi 150
E Ink Film E Ink Gallery™ 4000
Refresh Time 25 s
Backplane Glass
Total Thickness 0.97 mm
Total Weight 110 g
Grey Level Full Color
Front Light  - 
Surface Treatment Hard Coat

Driving kits

Product Image Update Possibility Output Signal Resolution, max. Power Supply Outline Remark
T1000 USB TTL 1600 * 1200 5 V 100 * 50 Full color support, availble in combination with Raspberry Pi


Brief technical specification Download

HOW TO RUN – 13.3" ACeP ePaper Display (E Ink) + TCON T1000 Board