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Techshine still invests in Mono LCD Line

TN / HTN Technology

- Max 1/16 Duty
 – Operating temp.: -40 ~ +100 °C
 – Min driving voltage : 2.6 V
 – in-cell touch button solution

TN technology,it is short for Twisted Nematic technology. Normally, the liquid crystal molecule is twisted at 90 degrees.

Comparing to other LCD panel technologies, TN type has the merit of lower cost and quick response time, which is mostly used for customized segment pattern display.

LCD Mono Techshine Display

STN Technology

- Max 1/240 duty: (COB)
 – Max 1/160 duty: (COG) 
 – Min. 10 um dot-gap 
 – Operating temp.: -40 ~ +90°C 
 – Low consumption solutions
 – All kinds of display mode (FSTN/DFSTN/STN-Blue or Y-G)

Main Display Mode:
STN technology can achieve different display mode though different design configuration(Polarizer and liquid crystal parameter)

LCD Mono Techshine STN Display

VA Technology

- Segment Type: 1/8 duty MAX
 – Dots matrix 1/64 duty MAX
 – Ultra High contrast (>500:1)
 – Operating temp.: -40 ~ +90°C 
 – Full view options available 
 – In-cell touch button solution

VA technology, it is short for Vertical Alignment technology.

Different from TN/STN technology, the liquid crystal molecule is standing vertically when power off. By which, VA LCD can achieve pure black background color and super high contrast ratio of 500:1 to 2000:1.

LCD Mono Techshine VA Technology Display