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New Platinum Thin Film Temperature Sensors from KOA: 3500 ppm/K, 1 kΩ

KOA has expanded its range of axial type platinum thin film thermal sensors with the addition of the new SDT101SA device.

These 1kOhm parts are suitable for low directivity heat flow sensor elements in automotive, medical and industrial applications.

The lead wire materials allow easy soldering and lead forming.


  • Small size / ultra-compact sensor
  • Excellent long term stability
  • SDT101A, SDT101SA can be soldered easily
  • Ideal for low directivity heat flow sensor elements
  • Simple construction – easy forming of lead wires
  • Meets EU-RoHS requirements
  • AEC-Q200 qualified (SDT101B 500Ω, SDT101SA)

Application Examples:

  • Cold junction compensation for thermocouples
  • Temperature compensation of measuring instruments, analyzers, air flow meters, etc.
  • Flow sensors for automotive, medical and industrial appliances and machinery
  • Analytical equipment
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • Energy generating industries
SDT101 Series / Temperature Sensors