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Metal Film Chip Resistor with Improved Characteristics from KOA

New High Reliability Metal Film Chip Resistors: RN73 Series

With a T.C.R. down to ±5 ppm and a tolerance as low as ±0.05 % the new RN73R series from KOA is ideal for high precision circuits in various industrial and measuring applications.

These new resistors provide improved electrolytic corrosion resistance and higher stability compared to KOA’s existing RN73 series. The RN73R also has higher ambient temperature rating of +85 °C, as well as improved moisture tolerance of ±0.25 % at 85 % RH for 1000 hours at +85 °C.


  • ±5 to ±100 ppm/K
  • ±0.05 to ±1 %
  • 0402 to 1210 inch
  • ±0.1 % ~ long term stability
  • High humidity protective coating
  • Rated power at +85 °C
  • AEC-Q200 qualified, EU-RoHS compliant

Application Examples:

  • High precision control circuits
  • Automotive electronics
  • Industrial devices
  • Measuring equipment
  • Audio circuits
  • Gain adjustment of OP amp. circuits
  • Dividers for power supply volt. monitoring
  • Precision voltage divider circuits
RN73 Series KOA