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Flat Chip Size vs. Power Rating

NEW: Increased Power Ratings

Special Flat Chip Resistors

  • Downsizing
    PCB space can be saved by using smaller parts from KOA's SG73 and WK73 series which allow the same power rating.
  • Power-up
    Alternatively, current layouts can be upgraded to allow higher rated power parts on existing footprints.
Leserwahl Elektronik Produkt des Jahres 2021

Zum ersten Mal wurden dieses Jahr zwei Produkte unserer Hersteller zur Wahl zum Elektronik Produkt des Jahres nominiert!

AB SOFORT bis 01.02.2021 können Sie für jeweils ein Produkt in insgesamt acht Kategorien stimmen.
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TLR Series KOA Current Sensing Resistors

TLR Series – Current Sensing Resistors / Metal Plate Technology / Low Resistance and High Power

  • Ultra low resistance: 0.5 mΩ to 20 mΩ (suitable for large current sensing)
  • Current ratings up to 100 A
  • T.C.R.: ±50 / ±75 ppm/K
  • Ultra low profile height: 0.6 … 0.7 mm (suitable for use of small equipment)
  • Special no 'hotspot' trimming for high reliability
  • Low parasitic inductance
  • Auto...
RS73 Series High Precision Resistors ESD Tolerant

KOA’s new RS73-series are ESD transient tolerant high precision and high reliability resistors using thick film technology.

With a T.C.R. down to ±25ppm and a tolerance as low as ±0.1%, the new RS73-series from KOA is ideal for precision designs such as high-accuracy sensing or voltage detection circuits in automotive, industrial and measuring applications, where ESD sensitivity is an issue.


UR73V Series Thick Film Current Sensing Resistor

KOA’s UR73V-series automotive approved low ohm resistors are designed for current sense applications in demanding environments. The special facedown construction of the VD-version makes lower resistance values with a low T.C.R. possible.

The facedown construction means that the total T.C.R. is minimized due to the shorter current path in the electrodes and solder fillet. The low T.C.R of new...

SDT101 Series / Temperature Sensors

KOA has expanded its range of axial type platinum thin film thermal sensors with the addition of the new SDT101SA device.

These 1kOhm parts are suitable for low directivity heat flow sensor elements in automotive, medical and industrial applications.

The lead wire materials allow easy soldering and lead forming.


  • Small size / ultra-compact sensor
  • Excellent long term stability
  • SDT1...

In der Welt der Kommunikation spricht man derzeit nur noch über die fünfte Mobilfunkgeneration 5G. Für diese brandaktuelle Übertragungstechnologie können wir Ihnen bereit jetzt innovative Designideen mit auf den Weg geben.

Die Polymer-Hybrid-Aluminium-Elektrolytkondensatoren dienen als hervorragender Ersatz für sowohl Keramik-Vielschichtkondensatoren (engl. Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitor, MLCC)...

1000 A – Large Current Shunt

The new HS series from KOA is ideal for sensing currents up to 1000 A.

Constructed using a solid metal alloy resistance element with copper terminations the device provides superior corrosion and heat resistance and has excellent pulse resistance.

Product Features:
  • Large current detection by ultra-low resistance of 50 μΩ
  • High accuracy sensing with dedicated detection terminals
  • Bus bar and...
RN73 Series KOA

New High Reliability Metal Film Chip Resistors: RN73 Series

With a T.C.R. down to ±5 ppm and a tolerance as low as ±0.05 % the new RN73R series from KOA is ideal for high precision circuits in various industrial and measuring applications.

These new resistors provide improved electrolytic corrosion resistance and higher stability compared to KOA’s existing RN73 series. The RN73R also has higher...

SLP Current Sensing Chip Resistor

The new SLP-series of metal element current sensing resistors for the range 10 mΩ to 100 mΩ is now available from KOA.

The metal electrodes offer excellent solderability and have excellent thermal expansion and shrinkage stress performance.
With a T.C.R. of ±50 ppm/K and tolerance available to ±0.5 %, the new SLP-series is ideal for battery monitoring and other automotive
and industrial...