DCMR-62 – Embedded DisplayPort TFT-Controller

BECK extends its portfolio of LC-Display-controllers with DCMR-62,
an eDP-Interface controller.

Beside LVDS and V-by-One, embedded DisplayPort (eDP) is a common display-interface. Due to higher data rates (up to 5.4 Gbit/s) and the combination of the usually separated interfaces for video- and backlight-signal transmission, it is possible to drive eDP-displays with a single cable. The standardized connector, which is used at compliant displays as well as on DCMR-62, helps users to easily design eDP products in their sytem without the need of creating complex cables.

Technical Specification
Input Interface
DisplayPort 1.2
Output Interface
eDP (Embedded DisplayPort) HBR
Max. Resolution
1920 × 1200 pixels (WUXGA)
Power Supply
12V / DC
Power Consumption
1.5 W
Dimensions (W × D × H)
90 × 70 × 9 mm
27 g
Operating Temperature
0 ~ +70 °C

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Beck offers AUO displays with eDP-interface and on-cell-touch!
E.g. G156HAB01.0, which you can see in action with DMCR-62 here: