Techshine Monochrome LCD


Techshine Electronics is professional LCD maker including solution, design, and manufacture, focusing on passive LCD panel, module and TFT module technologies. There are 2 line of STN high grade LCD front process, 8 full-automatic module line for passive display and 4 full-automatic module line for TFT display.

Techshine is capable to provide total solution for small and middle size LCD display. Techshine understood their business as OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer. There is no standard product list at all. All products are customized or semi-customized.

Available technolgies

TN: Twisted Nematic / HTN: High Twitsted Nematic

  • Max 1/16 duty
  • Operating temp.: -40 ~ 100℃
  • Min driving voltage: 2.6 V
  • In-cell touch button solution

STN: Super Twisted Technology

  • Max1/240 duty; (COB)
  • Max1/160 duty; (COG)
  • Min.10 μm dot-gap
  • Operating temp.: -40 ~ 90℃
  • Low consumption solutionis
  • All kinds of display mode
    • FSTN: Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic
    • DFSTN: Double Layer Film compensated Super Twisted Nematic
    • STN: Super Twisted Nematic, transmissive negative, transmissive positive, transflective negative, transflective positive, Blue or Y-G

VATN: Vertical Alignment Twisted Nematic

  • Segment type: 1/8 duty MAX
  • Dots matrix 1/64 duty MAX
  • Ultra high contrast (>500:1)
  • Operating temp.: -40 ~ 90 ℃
  • Full view options available, display mode usually transmissive negative, transmissive positive as option

All technologies are available as Segment Panel and Module, as Character Module and as Dot-Matrix Panel and Module.