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Mitsubishi Panel Replacement

We are ready to replace Mitsubishi panels from 7“ to 10.4“with new displays from Hannstar with 8.4” and Ampire with 7” and 10.4”. These displays are designed as a drop-in replacement.

These are the key features of the replacement panels:

  • super high brightness (up to 1200 cd/m²)
  • high contrast ratios up to 1400:1
  • super-wide viewing architecture (over 170 degrees)
  • wide operating temperature...

A strong partnership

Since January 2013, Lextar and BECK have enjoyed an 8-year business relationship, with the aim of working together to secure a competitive advantage for our customers in the rapidly growing LED market in Central Europe through the latest technologies and best products. While Lextar provides product support and technical know-how, BECK contributes as a local contact through...

Flat Chip Size vs. Power Rating

NEW: Increased Power Ratings

Special Flat Chip Resistors

  • Downsizing
    PCB space can be saved by using smaller parts from KOA's SG73 and WK73 series which allow the same power rating.
  • Power-up
    Alternatively, current layouts can be upgraded to allow higher rated power parts on existing footprints.
The company group BECK wishes Merry Christmas

A year full of unexpected challenges lies behind us. However, each one offers the opportunity to recognize our weaknesses, to grow from them and emerge stronger together from this crisis.

Thank you, dear customers and suppliers, for your loyalty and support over the past year. We use the holiday season to catch some breath, gather new strength and start the new year 2021 with thirst for action.

RS73 Series High Precision Resistors ESD Tolerant

KOA’s new RS73-series are ESD transient tolerant high precision and high reliability resistors using thick film technology.

With a T.C.R. down to ±25ppm and a tolerance as low as ±0.1%, the new RS73-series from KOA is ideal for precision designs such as high-accuracy sensing or voltage detection circuits in automotive, industrial and measuring applications, where ESD sensitivity is an issue.


EJ8951EL-1W EPD Controller

New control board EJ8951EL‑1W makes it possible

The 16 gray tones can be enough to show the content at the e-Paper display, but sometimes it is important to highlight the main information with an additional color. Such three-color displays have been existing for long time already, but now there is a board to drive it.

The EJ8951EL-1W is developed to support both kinds of technologies: black and...

Distributor des Jahres / Elektronik 2020

For the 14th time this year the readers of the trade magazine "Elektronik" were called upon to select their "Distributor of the Year" in the German-speaking countries.

The year 2020 has in many aspects confronted us with new situations and demanded adjustments. Also the election of the Distributor of the Year was packed into a new "dress" by Elektronik.

Thus, the former product areas (Active...

Large-sized ePaper displays in full color and gray scales: 25,3" and 26,6"

For many years we have been hearing from our customers that the gap between the sizes 13.3” and 31.2" in the range of ePaper displays is too big. Finally this time is over.

We are happy to present two new sizes of EPDs: 25,3" and 26,6".
To imagine the dimensions better, let we say that the display formats are between DIN A3 and DIN A2. The further difference between the panels is the aspect...

UR73V Series Thick Film Current Sensing Resistor

KOA’s UR73V-series automotive approved low ohm resistors are designed for current sense applications in demanding environments. The special facedown construction of the VD-version makes lower resistance values with a low T.C.R. possible.

The facedown construction means that the total T.C.R. is minimized due to the shorter current path in the electrodes and solder fillet. The low T.C.R of new...


Gustav Beck was born on 26 July 1896 in »Toening an der Eider« (Schleswig-Holstein) as
the first of five children. He, the son of the locomotive driver of the Royal Prussian Railway
Hermann Beck and his wife Anna, was not granted an easy and carefree childhood. At the
age of 4 years he was already an orphan. He already got to know the hardships of life
as a child, and – growing up in simple...