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Gustav Beck was born on 26 July 1896 in »Toening an der Eider« (Schleswig-Holstein) as
the first of five children. He, the son of the locomotive driver of the Royal Prussian Railway
Hermann Beck and his wife Anna, was not granted an easy and carefree childhood. At the
age of 4 years he was already an orphan. He already got to know the hardships of life
as a child, and – growing up in simple...

95 Jahre BECK

As probably the world's oldest distributor of electronic components, the BECK Group is one of the industry's specialists for passive and active components, displays, optoelectronics, LEDs and electromechanics. The family business – now in its fourth generation of management – stands for stability and dedicated service to its customers and suppliers from Germany, Europe, Asia, North and South...

28" ACeP display

In May 2020, it was announced that the two large companies E Ink Holdings (E Ink) and Innolux (a subsidiary of Foxconn) had started cooperation in the ACeP area (Advanced Color ePaper) for E Ink Gallery™ panels. E Ink is the leading innovator of E Ink technology, while Innolux is one of the largest manufacturers of TFT-LCD panels.

28" ACeP display

Oriented on the IoT and Smart City applications...

SDT101 Series / Temperature Sensors

KOA has expanded its range of axial type platinum thin film thermal sensors with the addition of the new SDT101SA device.

These 1kOhm parts are suitable for low directivity heat flow sensor elements in automotive, medical and industrial applications.

The lead wire materials allow easy soldering and lead forming.


  • Small size / ultra-compact sensor
  • Excellent long term stability
  • SDT1...
Polymer Hybrid Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors

In the world of communications people are currently only talking about the fifth-generation technology standard for cellular networks 5G with all his advantages to the previous 4G networks. For this brand-new transmission technology, we can now provide you with innovative design ideas.

The polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors are an excellent replacement for both Multilayer Ceramic...

1000 A – Large Current Shunt

The new HS series from KOA is ideal for sensing currents up to 1000 A.

Constructed using a solid metal alloy resistance element with copper terminations the device provides superior corrosion and heat resistance and has excellent pulse resistance.

Product Features:
  • Large current detection by ultra-low resistance of 50 μΩ
  • High accuracy sensing with dedicated detection terminals
  • Bus bar and...

BED and PROMATE ­– the perfect partners for industrial and medical displays from AUO

Together with our cooperation partner "Promate Electronic Co., Ltd" our company "Beck Elektronik Display GmbH" (BED) was again designated as an authorized AU Optronics (AUO) distributor.

AUO is well known in the display market for its industrial, medical and automotive displays. As one of the largest display...

Cost-optimized production of LCDs and matching PCBs from one source

Did you know that we also produce customized LCDs and attached electronics according to your specifications?

Cost-optimized production of LCDs and matching PCBs from one source means production without additional logistics. We offer to manufacture the LCD, the PCB and the necessary plastic semi-finished products from one source according to your documents, display drawings, schematic, Gerber...

RN73 Series KOA

New High Reliability Metal Film Chip Resistors: RN73 Series

With a T.C.R. down to ±5 ppm and a tolerance as low as ±0.05 % the new RN73R series from KOA is ideal for high precision circuits in various industrial and measuring applications.

These new resistors provide improved electrolytic corrosion resistance and higher stability compared to KOA’s existing RN73 series. The RN73R also has higher...

Together we are strong – BECK

Dear customers, suppliers and friends of the Beck Group!

In these difficult times we are all plagued by many worries. Are our loved ones well? How is the economic crisis affecting my workplace? How will it continue?

For a certain time, Europe has been able to keep the crisis away from our "gates". However, the sum of events in recent weeks has been very massive and is having an impact on all...