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 FullHD TFT Display AUO

The G156HAB01.V0 is a new technology highlight of the leading Taiwanese display manufacturer AU Optronics Cooperation (AUO). The special feature of this product is the integration of the "projected capacitive touch panel" (PCAP) on the display cell below the polarizer – this new structure is called On-Cell Touch.

In contrast to the typical application of a PCAP touch, where the touch must be...

Resistor Surge & Pulse Stable Wide Terminal Chip KOA

KOA’s wide terminal resistors offer several advantages compared to standard footprints.

High reliability and enhanced terminal strength are essential in all power applications.

The 0612 chip size allows 4 × power rating compared to standard 1206 parts. This saves board space and is possible due to the improved heat dissipation via the solder joints.

The new WG73 series has approx. 20 times the...

LED Driver Automotive

Low-Side Constant Current Regulator (CCR) for linear LED driving: TSCR420 & TSCR421

The AEC-Q100 qualified LED Driver regulates with a present 10mA nominal, that can be adjusted with an external resistor up to 300mA. It is designed for driving LEDs in strings and will reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect.

Operating as a series linear CCR for LED string current control, it...

PCAP Touch Virtual Keys

Combine touch control and buttons on one PCAP touch panel

PenMount Virtual Keys replace hardware keypads or buttons and can be assigned keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys.

When enabled with the advantages of PenMount PCAP controllers, the potential of PenMount Virtual Keys is limitless. Shortcuts for navigating frequently used options enhance the convenience of kiosks, POS, information,...

High Voltage Thick Film Chip Resistor Automotive Applications

KOA’s high voltage HV73-series has been expanded with the addition of the new HV73V-types for automotive applications.

  • Increased power rating for HV73V2A (0805 = 0.25 W)
  • Increased max. working voltage for HV73V2B (1206 = 800 V)

The special inner material makes the part suitable for high voltages with improved temperature cycling stability compared to standard resistors.
The higher critical...

EPD Produkte und Zubehör

The wide range of sizes, starting from 1.1" up to the biggest one 42.0" e-paper displays, is available from stock or upon request.

Round form, flexible substrate, color versions are the variations, which are to find on our web page to meet all your expectations.

To facilitate your start into the e-paper technology we offer a range of driving kits to load your content to the display quickly.


E-Paper Display Eink

Round LCDs, TFTs, OLEDs are successfully integrated in dozen of applications. The most popular applications are wearables, smart watches, smart buttons and labels.

Normally a continuous power supply is not used in such cases and the system operates by solar energy or battery as a power source. It means the design has to be low-power and effective. The e-paper displays are the best choice for such...

EPD-Glas Bonding Methode PiOptix

Modern technologies are streaming in our everyday life.

Displays are everywhere: outdoor signage, advertising in buses, info screens in the customer offices.

The application dictates its terms: which materials, housing and kind of assembly to use. The protection glasses, touch screens and UV-shields are coming on the stage. There are many possibilities how to bring the additional layers to the...

HDMI Display Ampire

A flat and easy plug-and-play solution for everyone who is looking for quick design and integration without complications.

Ampire presents a new range of products: the TFT displays with integrated driving board.

The input interface is HDMI 1.4a. It is perfect for developments on the base of single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi. The power supply is 12V/2A over standard power jack...


TN / HTN Technology

- Max 1/16 Duty
 – Operating temp.: -40 ~ +100 °C
 – Min driving voltage : 2.6 V
 – in-cell touch button solution

TN technology,it is short for Twisted Nematic technology. Normally, the liquid crystal molecule is twisted at 90 degrees.

Comparing to other LCD panel technologies, TN type has the merit of lower cost and quick response time, which is mostly used for customized...