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Dezember 06, 2012 /  Category: Passive components

KOA extends the product portfolio of Anti-Sulfuration Chip Resistors


KOA’s special anti-sulfuration resistors are intended to be used under harsh environment with high level of contamination.

KOA’s anti-sulfuration chip resistors apply high reliable materialto the inner top electrodes. This...

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July 16, 2012 /  Category: Passive components

Wide Terminal Chip Resistors from KOA
now in size 0612 with ohmic range up to 1MΩ


High reliability and enhanced terminal strength areessential in all power applications.KOA’s WK73-series has a 90° rotated design and offersseveral advantages compared to standard resistorfootprints.A three times higher power...

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April 04, 2012 /  Category: Passive components

Samwha receives award for "World-Class Product Award"



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March 29, 2012 /  Category: Passive components

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Power Inductors CIG22H – High current

power inductor

Samsung Electro-Mechanics offers increased current multilayer inductors.

The inductors of the CIG22H series achieve high rated currents up to 3A @ 1μH in 1008 packaging.They are available from 330nH up to 4.7μH.Beside the...

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February 09, 2012 /  Category: Passive components

Samsung Electro-Mechanics C0G 630V 0805 high voltage caps


Samsung Electro- Mechanics introduces downsized C0G caps 630V in size 0805, targeting industrial high voltage applications.

SEMCO’s new MLCC with class 1 C0G ceramic, rated voltage 630V in size 0805 cover the capacitance range...

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November 03, 2011 /  Category: Passive components

Samsung Electro-Mechanics 0603 & 0805 X7R High Caps


Samsung Electro-Mechanics introduces new high caps in size 0603 & 0805 targeting industrial applications.

The new MLCC 0608 2.2μF 10V and 0805 10μF 16V with X7R industrial grade offer excellent reliability with very high...

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September 27, 2011 /  Category: Passive components

Samsung Electro-Mechanics 220µF / 6.3V and 100uF / 10V MLCC

Samsung Electro-Mechanics latest high capacitance MLCC target replacement of Al- & Tantalum Caps.

The new MLCC 1210 size with 220µF 6.3V and 100µF 10V target the replacement of Aluminium and Tantalum capacitors.These parts are...

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