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September 21, 2012 /  Category: LED Lighting

RECOM: RACT20-Series - New AC/DC-LED-Drivers can be dimmed to zero flicker-free


TRIAC-Dimmer have been primarily developed to dim light bulbs but with their elimination there is also a need for alternative solutions. With use of TRIAC-Dimmers in LED-Systems unwanted flicker is caused by phase cut control,...

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September 16, 2012 /  Category: LED Lighting

RECOM: RACV30 - Compact Size LED Driver: 30 Watt Constant Voltage with PFC

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The RACV30 is the first of a new series of constant voltage LED drivers, ideal for powering LED strips and LED modules in applications such as cove lighting, signage, back lighting, channel letters, displays or under cabinet...

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July 10, 2012 /  Category: LED Lighting

SHARP: Mini Zenigata; 15 W Multichip LEDs


The new Mmi Zenigata arrays of type GW5BxxxKO5 provide a Iuminous flux between 1150 and 1550 Im (typical) with a Iight output of up to 99 lm/W in standard operation. The new generation of the 15 W moduies is specified for a...

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