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November 16, 2015 /  Category: Active components, Beck Handel

Pull-up Resistor Integrated Hall Effect Latch


The TSH193 is a temperature stable, and stress-resistant Hall-effect sensor.

Superior high-temperature performance is possible through dynamic offset cancellation that utilizes chopper-stabilization. This method reduces the...

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October 26, 2015 /  Category: Active components, Beck Handel

Higher power surface mount transient voltage suppressor (TVS) rectifiers are now available


TVS in the SMA (DO-214AC) package were previously available for 400W (P4SMAxx, SMAJxx), and are now also available for 600W (SMA6Jxx).

For the SMB (DO-214AA) package, the power range from 600 W (P6SMBxx, SMBJxx) to 1.000W...

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September 28, 2015 /  Category: Active components, Beck Handel

The new Single-stage PFC Buck Current Control LED Driver with
Integrated High Voltage MOSFET


The new TS19721A/D is a very efficient constant current controller fordriving LED lamps in non-dimmable lighting applications.

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May 26, 2015 /  Category: Active components, Beck Handel

MOSFETs in PDFN33 Package


New N- and P-channel power MOSFETs are available in Taiwan Semiconductor’s low- to mid-voltage high performance trench power MOSFET portfolio.

The advanced trench technology is designed with significantly lower total gate charge...

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May 18, 2015 /  Category: Active components, Beck Handel

Controlled Avalanche Rectifiers for General Purpose & Automotive


The TPAR3D-TPAR3J and TPAU3D-TPAU3J families of 3A ultra-fast rectifiers are new high performance products, low reverse recovery time (trr) rectifier portfolio.

The leakage and low reverse recovery time of these rectifiers...

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April 08, 2015 /  Category: Active components, Beck Handel

Surface Mount Bridge Rectifier (1.5 A, 1000 V)


RABS15M is a fast recovery glass passivated bridge rectifier in a miniature ABS-L package, and makes them ideal for automated placement and compact PCB design.

This bridge rectifier offer high surge-current (IFSM)...

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March 24, 2015 /  Category: Active components, Beck Handel

High Current Density Ultrafast Switch Mode Surface Mount Rectifiers
(10 A, 200 V – 600 V)


TPMR10D, TPMR10G and TPMR10J rectifiers were designed with lower forward voltage (VF) to minimize the conduction losses of secondary rectification in SMPS applications where the switching frequency are in the tens of kHz.


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