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16.11.15 /  Kategorie: Aktive Bauelemente, Beck Handel

Pull-up Resistor Integrated Hall Effect Latch




The TSH193 is a temperature stable, and stress-resistant Hall-effect sensor.

Superior high-temperature performance is possible through dynamic offset cancellation that utilizes chopper-stabilization. This method reduces the offset voltage that can be caused by device over molding, temperature dependencies, and thermal stress.

The TSH193 includes the following on a single silicon chip: a voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, small-signal amplifier, chopper stabilization, Schmitt trigger, and output pull-up resistor on a single silicon chip. Advanced DMOS wafer fabrication processing is used to take advantage of low-voltage requirements, component matching, very low input-offset errors, and small component geometries.

This device requires the presence of both south and north polarity magnetic fields for operation. In the presence of a south polarity field of sufficient strength, the device output sensor is on, and only switches off when a north polarity field of sufficient strength is present.

TSH193 comes in TO-92S and SOT-23 packages.


  • Chopper stabilized amplifier stage
  • Optimized for BLDC motor applications
  • Reliable and low shifting on high temp condition
  • Pull-up resistor integrated
  • ESD Protection > 4kV HBM
  • RoHS  Compliant
  • Halogen-free


  • High temperature fan motor
  • 3 phase BLDC motor application
  • Speed sensing, Position sensing
  • Revolution counting
  • Solid-state switch
  • Angular position detection
  • Proximity detection