March 22, 2017   Category: LED Lighting, Beck Handel

Efficient lighting for food with Luminus COB LEDs


Special color LEDs for food sector enable the modern supermarkets to increase significantly the attractiveness of their goods.

The table below shows the COBs, which are perfectly suited for the illumination of food products:...

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March 17, 2017   Category: Passive components, Beck Handel

New Current Sensing Thick Film Resistors for Automotive from KOA


KOA’s UR73V-series thick film low ohm resistors are designed for current detection, especially in demanding environments. The special facedown construction makes lower resistance values with a low T.C.R. possible.

The low T.C.R...

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March 03, 2017   Category: LED Lighting, Beck Handel

Luminus COB LEDs 3rd Generation

Luminus COBs (Chip on Board) - High Light Quality and Efficiency.

Luminus Productportfolio

With the Luminus Lumen Calculator, you can quickly and easily find the right COB for your application.

Datasheets and samples are...

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March 01, 2017   Category: Beck Elektronik, TFT-Display, LCD, OLED, Beck Computer

Circular OLED Display Φ1.18" at Embedded World 2017


Winstars OLED WEO128128B - a circular passive matrix OLED display. The WEO128128B is a COG structure OLED display, which is ultra-thin and has no need of backlight (self-emitting). It is lightweight and has low power consumption.

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February 20, 2017   Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED, Beck Computer, Beck Elektronik

Experience the NFC demo of 2.9" e-paper display at embedded world 2017


A passive RFID-transponder is integrated in the flat housing of the badge which includes the 2.9" EPD (resolution 200x300 pixel). By using a for Android available App on your smartphone you can upload an image to the wirelessly...

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January 19, 2017   Category: TFT-Display, LCD, OLED, Beck Computer, Beck Elektronik

In 2017 year with new e-paper displays

The well-known 13.3" size of e-paper display (EPD) is available in three versions: ES133UT2, ED133UT2, ES133TT3. All three panels are produced on the base of Carta 1.2 technology, which provides better contrast and shorter...

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January 02, 2017   Category: Passive components, Beck Handel

Resistors for Embedded Substrates from KOA


Embedded resistors in a PCB allow the miniaturization of the total packages with improved electrical performance and highest reliability. The key factors are high density mounting, good high frequency performance, excellent heat...

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